• My passions are new cultures, new adventures, and working with exotic languages! Even as a child I dreamed of traveling the world. Those dreams ignited a life-long study of languages.

    GERMAN in 10 minutes a day® was my first book and it earned high praise from teachers and students. Success with bookstores and critics followed, and it was the foundation upon which I developed my company, Bilingual Books, Inc.

    Today I continue to develop and refine the three series of products which have helped millions of people learn, speak, and explore 20 of the world’s most beautiful languages.

  • Kristine K. Kershul is an American author, publisher, linguist and teacher. Kershul founded Bilingual Books, Inc. in 1981 with the publication of her first book, GERMAN in 10 minutes a day® and the development of the 10 minutes a day® Series. She has authored books, audio CDs, phrase guides and interactive computer software for 20 languages.


    Kershul attributes her lifelong passion for languages to her family. She grew up in a trilingual home on the Oregon Coast where in addition to English, her father spoke Croatian and her mother spoke Danish.

    Kershul studied in the U.S., then took her academic endeavors to Heidelberg, Germany where she earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees. She received a second graduate degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara and then went on to do her doctoral studies in German Languages and Literature.

    Early Career

    Kershul worked her way through school as a bilingual tour guide, traveling all over Europe and parts of Asia and Africa. She also served as a translator for the U.S. Embassy in Bonn, West Germany and for Berlitz in Europe and the U.S.

    She spent ten years teaching at universities in Germany and the U.S. where she noticed students experiencing the same problems. Most students were self-conscious speaking a foreign language and Kershul wanted to help them progress to the level where they were laughing and using the language comfortably.

    The idea for her first book grew out of what she observed as a teacher and a traveler.

    Bilingual Books

    Kershul saw the need for a language instruction method that would not intimidate or frustrate beginning students. She wanted to fill the gap between textbooks and traditional phrase books. She developed a fresh approach to learning a foreign language, which remained academically solid while geared to the traveler.

    In 1981 she designed and wrote her first book, GERMAN in 10 minutes a day®, which was the beginning of a series of language-learning books that launched Bilingual Books, Inc. By the end of the first ten months, Kershul had authored a total of five books, adding French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese to create the 10 minutes a day® Series. In the next three years, she would add Inglés, Norwegian, Japanese, Russian and Hebrew languages to the Series, followed by Arabic and Portuguese.

    In 1988 Kershul sold her company to Sunset Books and Magazine. She moved to Cape Town, South Africa and spent the next six years traveling the globe.

    In 1995, Kershul reacquired Bilingual Books and moved back to the Pacific Northwest to base the company out of Seattle, Washington. In the following years, she expanded the breadth of languages to 20 and added new product lines with the creation of the Language Map® Series, the 10 minutes a day® AUDIO CD Series, and the 10 minutes a day® Software.

  • 10 minutes a day® Series

    Learn a new language quickly and easily!  This book and language learning software combines exercises, games and much, much more.  You'll be reading, writing, hearing, speaking and playing with the language.  Each book in the Series includes 150 Sticky Labels, Flash Cards and a Cut-Out Menu Guide.     more info

    10 minutes a day® AUDIO Series

    Take your speaking abilities to the next level!  Let personal tutors guide you through eight hours of comprehensive audio instruction.  Download this program onto your MP3 player and learn on the go or use it with the companion 10 minutes a day® book to maximize your progress.     more info

    Language Map® Series

    When you need to find the right words quickly, this clever language guide is your answer.  It's easy-to-use, ultra-thin, light-weight and laminated.  Take it everywhere you go and your travel needs are covered.     more info

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